About Me

Charles is a life-time fan of Doctor Who, and he has always been inspired by the way the Doctor overcame difficult challenges using cleverness, ingenuity and the sonic screwdriver. He knew at a young age that he wanted to use intelligence and technology to solve real-world challenges.

Charles Profitt is an information technology professional with more than 20 years of experience. He is a forward-thinking information technology leader and outgoing speaker. Profitt works with clients to develop and execute technology strategy in industries ranging from interior design to museum management. He understands the fast moving pace of change and complexity is a challenge when implementing technology solutions.

His passion for technology and innovation extend to his volunteer work with the Perinton Historical Society and The Boy Scouts of America. Charles was awarded the District Award of Merit in 2015 for his work with Towpath District of the Seneca Waterways Council. Profitt designed the logo, served on the planning committee, sponsorship committee and as a track chair for The Rochester Security Summit.

Profitt resides in Pittsford with his loving wife, where they are devoted parents. He enjoys bike riding, photography and spending time with his family.